LMShop.az - Scheiben Reiniger Super Konzentrat (Cherry)

Scheiben Reiniger Super Konzentrat (Cherry)

16.00 AZN

Creates clear, streak-free vision in seconds. Removes oil and silicone coatings and insect contamination. Does not react with plastics, rubber or paint and is thus also suitable for vehicles with headlamp washers and plastic lenses made of polycarbonate. Biologically degradable. Dosage 1:100.

For summer operation of all passenger and commercial vehicle windshield washer units. Also suitable for fan nozzles as well as for LED and xenon headlamps and clear-glass style plastic lenses made of polycarbonate.





Application 1:100 dilute with water. 50 ml of concentrate gives 5 l of cleaning fluid. 250 ml of concentrate gives 25 l of cleaning fluid.